Know Your Responsibility When Carrying a Concealed Weapon

My goal at MPD Training is to safely provide you with the knowledge, attitude, and skills necessary to protect yourself and your loved ones.  The Concealed Carry class satisfies the training requirements as prescribed by the WI Department of Justice to obtain your permit and will provide you with the knowledge you need about concealed carry in Wisconsin.  It will also take you down the road toward developing the proper attitude to do it safely and within the law.


The Introductory Defensive Handgun class is the next logical step after successfully completing the Concealed Carry class.  It will provide you with additional knowledge and hands-on skills in the defensive use of a handgun.  These are essential skills you need to acquire whether you intend to carry or only plan to keep a handgun in the home or business for self-defense.  I can also provide one-on-one, individualized training upon request. 


Let MPD Training help you to confidently say: “I took responsibility for my personal defense”.       

Why Would You Want To Carry 

A Concealed Weapon?



Analyze Concealed Carry Considerations

Consideration #1


Identify ways to conceal a weapon.


Consideration #2


Maintain control of your weapon.


Consideration #3


Avoid the need to use your weapon.


Consideration #4


What to do if encountered by law enforcement.