Ready for Class?

Here are some answers to questions students have before they take a Concealed Carry class. If you have any questions that are not answered below, feel free to email me.


Do I need to have my own handgun for this class?

No, MPD Training provides the needed demo weapons.

Can I bring my own handgun to this class?

For this class it is not encouraged, since weapons are provided. It is allowed, however, absolutely no ammunition is allowed in the classroom and your instructor will need to inspect the weapon upon your arrival at class.

Do I need any previous experience to attend this class?

No. This course is the basis for what you need to know about concealed carry in WI and there is no expectation of previous experience to be successful.

How long is the class?

This course is designed to be completed in one, four hour session. Occasionally, we run over due to classroom discussion or extra time spent on testing/proficiencies. Plan on 4 ½ hours but you'll probably be out closer to four.

Is it necessary to pass any testing to successfully complete the course?

Yes. There is both a written exam (multiple choice) and a handling proficiency which involves unloading a handgun. This will be explained, demonstrated, and practiced in class prior to the proficiency test.

Will I receive my WI Concealed Carry permit at the end of the class?

No. Upon successful completion of the class you will receive a certificate which will satisfy the training requirements of the WI Department of Justice for issuance of your permit. You will then need to apply for your permit with the WI DOJ. This process is further explained in class.

Where are classes held?

Usually classes are held at the Mequon Safety Building, however it is possible to conduct custom classes at your facility.