Ready for Class? 

Here are some answers to questions students have before they take a Defensive Handgun class.  If you have any questions that are not answered below, feel free to email me.


Do I need my own handgun/equipment for this class?

Yes, having your own equipment is highly recommended. Please see the Intro to Defensive Handgun page for a complete list of required equipment. I can fully outfit two people for this class on a first come/first serve reservation basis if needed.

Do I need any previous experience to attend this class?

No. This is a foundation course and assumes little or no previous experience. It is highly recommended that you do obtain your WI concealed carry permit prior to attending. Having attended a Concealed Carry class will aid in your understanding of these defensive principles/techniques. It will also provide you with the "proof of character" requirement for this class.


Please see the Introduction to Defensive Hand Gun training page for an explanation of "proof of character".

How long is the class?

This class is a solid five hour program and may go longer due to classroom discussion and the experience levels of individual students. Plan on a six hour day, but it will likely be less.

Does this class meet the training requirements for me to receive my WI Concealed Carry permit?

No. The information needed to be covered by the concealed carry permitting process would make the class unnecessarily long. This class is the next logical step after the concealed carry course. It is a hands-on, skills course with very little lecture time. You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of training.

Where are classes held?

Usually classes are held at the Mequon Safety Building, however it is possible to conduct custom classes at your facility under certain conditions. Please call to inquire.