Active Shooter Preparedness Training

Active shooter (Assailant), a term that not that many years ago was unheard of. Now it has become an all too common phrase in society, news, social media, and even our schools and businesses.  The fallout and life altering consequences that accompany an "Active Shooter" event cannot be ignored. For this reason, being properly trained for these events has become a necessary reality for everyone.


With the frequency of these events and the varying locations in which the active assailant chooses to commit these heinous acts of violence, the real possibility of anyone finding themselves in the midst of an event is undeniable.


At My Personal Defense Training, LLC, we understand the need for preparedness training for all in relation to these types of incidents. It is crucial in order for you to have the best chance for survival, should you find yourself in an active assailant event.  This training/knowledge is crucial not only in your academic and business ventures but also in your own personal day- to- day movements and activities.


My Personal Defense will provide you with a solid background on how these incidents have grown into an all too common news story. We will provide you with the most relevant and updated best practices in order for you to respond and protect yourself, your loved ones, co-workers and friends.


My Personal Defense will also provide you with the latest response actions of law enforcement and how and why they respond to these incidents in the manner in which they do. You will be provided with the information that you need in order for you to respond to and interact with law enforcement in an event and what law enforcement will be looking for from you, in both your actions and the information they will be looking to obtain from you.


Our training can be customized for any type of entity (Business, school, office, place of worship). We can also complete a threat assessment for your locale and make recommendations to make yourself a harder target for these types of individuals and events.


Please contact Steve or Darren using the contact information provided on our web page to discuss this training for you or for general questions regarding our presentation.

Thank you.