Introductory Defensive Handgun Class

As a WI Department of Justice (DOJ) certified firearms instructor, I trained my police officers how to shoot safely, accurately, and tactically since 1996. As the lead instructor of MPD Training, I am dedicated to making your personal safety and that of your loved ones, an understandable and manageable task.


Just like your golf game, the skills involved in safely and effectively handling a handgun for self-defense are degradable skills which require repetitive training to improve. It can take thousands of repetitions to perfect your golf swing and it is no different with a handgun. If you intend to undertake the responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon or keeping one in the home or business for the purpose of self-defense, these skills will be more important to perfect than your golf swing.

I understand that it is both time-consuming and expensive to go to a live-fire range. It is not likely that the average gun owner will get to the range often enough to keep these life-saving skills sharp. For these reasons, I have developed a program to train you how to handle your handgun properly, and teach you drills that you can do at home, under strict safety protocols. This will develop, improve, and maintain these life-saving skills. This four-hour class is the logical next step after the Concealed Carry course.  


This class is designed for beginners or intermediate shooters who haven't had a lot of formal training. Realize that this class is not the end of your training needs. You will still need to practice live fire and likely require additional help there.  I can help you with that as well. This class will make that live-fire range time far more productive.  Do bring a snack and soft drink for yourself during this six hour class!

Topics will include:

  • Firearm Safety,
  • Dry Training Safety Protocols
  • Stance
  • Grip
  • Draw Stroke
  • Use Of Sights
  • Trigger Control
  • Loading, Unloading and Reloading
  • Malfunction Clearance

No ammunition is needed for this class or for the "dry training" drills that you will learn to do on your own. No ammunition will be allowed in the training room.

The following will be required for attendance in this class:IDH student, went from being afraid to touch a handgun, to shooting bullseyes!

  1. A fully functional handgun with all factory-installed safety devices intact.
  2. Two functional magazines for the above weapon, if semi-auto.
  3. Protective eyewear (safety glasses). Prescription glasses are acceptable.
  4. At least three MagBloks of your weapon's caliber. These can be found at at a price of about $8 per three-pack.  (Also on Amazon)
  5. A belt and holster worn on the strong side which fits the weapon and completely covers the trigger guard. For semi-autos, a magazine carrier for the belt is also recommended but not required.
    (I can fully outfit two persons with the above equipment on a first-come, first-serve basis. Reservation fee is $30 per person)
  6. A light concealment garment such as a light jacket or button-down shirt or sweatshirt to be worn over your holstered gun.
  7. Proof of good character* (see below)

*Proof of good character must be provided by the start of the class. Your choice of ONE of the following will meet this requirement:

  • A current State issued permit to carry a concealed handgun.
  • A current Federal Firearms License.
  • A current FOID card (Illinois residents)
  • A current Police or Military ID.
  • Other current proof of a clean criminal record. Most Police and Sheriff's departments will do this for a nominal fee. It is done routinely for many occupations. I need to be certain that I am training law-abiding citizens.

Introductory Defensive Handgun Course: $150                                                                                     
Reservation fee for use of required equipment: $30 

            Reserve your seat here - New classes coming soon

Please call MPD training at 262-227-1846, or e-mail to reserve a spot or to inquire about future training dates.  Custom classes for your group at your location are also available.  Class sizes will be limited to six persons to provide a safe and personalized learning experience.  I look forward to training with you.